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Bridging finance

​If you need a short-term business loan secured against property, then you’re in the right place

When you need finance quickly

Bridging finance is a temporary loan that can help you get from A to B until you secure a more permanent form of finance.  We’ve been arranging bridging finance for our clients for many years and understand the unique nuances of the market.  Bridging loans are most commonly used for the quick purchase or renovation of a property and can be arranged quickly when you need finance.  


A standard mortgage can take weeks, and even months, to complete, whereas a bridging loan can often be arranged in 24-48 hours.


Given it’s classed as a specialist loan you will pay more in interest and you can choose to either pay that back monthly or choose to have the interest rolled up so you pay it when you exit the loan.

How we work

In the beginning

We’ll take the time to listen to you and understand what you’d like to achieve.  We’ll look at all your options before providing advice on the best course of action

Next up

Armed with all the information we need, we’ll search the market for you to find a traditional or bridging lender who will welcome you with open arms, doing all the legwork for your application.  


We secure your bridging loan whilst continuing to secure a more longer-term finance option.

Our experience is yours

We have years of experience helping people arrange short-term bridging finance, instinctively knowing who to approach on your behalf and how to make sure you have a plan to move your lending to a more long-term option.  We go above and beyond to help make sure that you get the very most from your bridging finance. We are always on your side.

Get in touch

We'd love to help you make the most of your finance. You can call us to talk about your options, we love to talk about mortgages  Or, if it's not convenient to talk or you're reading this in the early hours, drop us a note and we'll come back to you

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