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Development finance

If you need funding to make an investment profitable or you’re creating your dream home, development finance may well be right for you

Getting your application right

Securing development finance is often tricky. That’s why you need to use an experienced broker to make sure your application is presented in the best possible light to lenders who provide development finance.  As soon as you’ve decided on a project, and worked out the viability, the costs, the worth of your development once completed, and the profit margin get in touch to see how we can help.  


At eddge, we have years of experience in working with all the lenders who operate in this space and should be able to provide you with a good indication on how likely your application is to succeed. 


The process usually takes longer than a standard mortgage application, but we’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure your funding is approved.

How we work

In the beginning

Prepare as much detail as you can on your development. Think about your costs, the final value of your development and the profit margin you think you’ll achieve. When you’re armed with all that information, get in touch.  

Next up

We’ll then talk it through with you and request all the other information we might need, before helping you to prepare a final application for your funding.  At this stage, we may well be able to provide an indicative example of the type of rate and terms you can hope to achieve.


We’ll work away with you to finalise everything before securing a formal offer which will provide the precise terms of the finance, including rates, costs and fees. Assuming all is well, you then complete on your application.

Our experience is yours

We have years of experience helping our clients arrange development finance.  Whether you're making some changes at home, or need finance for larger development projects, we can help. We are always on your side.

Get in touch

Making sure you secure the right development finance can make a real difference to your project. You can call us to talk about your options, we love to talk about mortgages  Or, if it's not convenient to talk or you're reading this in the early hours, drop us a note and we'll come back to you.

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