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Case Study

How we helped

Our client Chantal recently inherited a share of a property with her three siblings.  She approached us to help finance a remortgage that would see her buy out her brother and sisters’ shares in the property. She had, like so many people, tried her current bank in the first instance but they were unable to help because they insisted that she needed to own the property for six months before they would consider a remortgage. This was far from ideal for Chantal.


At eddge, our relationships with lenders and knowledge of the market allow us to help homeowners like Chantal access the finance they need, when they need it.  Chantal needed to borrow £255,000 on a property value of £300,000, giving a loan to value of 85%. We found a lender that was happy to help finance Chantal’s mortgage from day one, allowing her and her siblings to achieve what they needed, quickly. As well as that, the lender was also happy to provide additional funding for some immediate internal improvements that were needed.

I’m delighted with the service I received from Darryl Plummer at eddge.  It was a bit of a kick in the teeth when I found out my bank were unable to provide the finance I needed straight away, but thankfully Darryl pulled out all the stops.  Having a knowledgeable broker on your side is worth its weight on gold. I cannot recommend eddge highly enough.

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