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The problem of (and solution to) lender service levels

Of course, you would expect us to say this, but there are many reasons why you should use an independent mortgage broker. From access to the whole market, detailed knowledge, access to exclusive products and a whole lot more, having experts on your side, if you’ll forgive the lack of modesty, just makes sense (if you need a more detailed reminder, just visit here).

But, right now, there’s another key reason. And that’s lender service levels. Whilst we wouldn’t go so far as to call it the dominant issue of our times, because there’s a bunch of other quite important stuff going on right now, it certainly is on the housing market.

Ever since we returned from our turkeys and mince pies, we’ve seen more and more issues with the time it takes lenders to process cases. Whilst many lenders are happy to offer rates that look more appealing than the grass on the other side, a good proportion of them are struggling to offer the required service levels to back them up.

We’re finding that, in some instances, it’s a better bet to take a rate that’s slightly higher from a lender that’s on top of their service, then one whose rate looks like the bees’ knees on paper. After all, all that glitters.

At eddge we’ve got a good view of what’s happening across the market. We know when you’re unlikely to get a response or a decision for weeks. We know who will make you jump through more hoops than a spaniel at Crufts. And, perhaps most importantly, we know who is going to help you get your mortgage completed quickly and with (relative) ease.

Because while lenders struggle for service, it’s always at the very heart of what we offer. If you need some help navigating it all, then we’d love to hear from you.

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